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SQL Dumper 3.0.0 Beta

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SQL Dumper 3.0.0 Beta

SQL Dumper это простое решение для резервирования базы данных MySQL , отличается простотой и высокой степенью безопастности. Компонент может импортировать базы данных любого размера.


SQL Server Dumper enables you to dump/export selected SQL Server database tables into SQL INSERT statements, that are saved as local .sql files and contain all the data required to create a duplicate table, or to be used for backup purposes. You can choose to create an individual .sql file for each table, or combine all selected tables into a single file. Furthermore, this application comes with numerous dumping/export settings that will grant you more control.

Here are some key features of "SQL Dumper":

· Foreign Keys order tables in text file in order to insert data without colisions/errors
· Primary Key IDENTITY guarantees the value of the IDENTITY field
· Reference to itself eliminates the constraint and at the end create it again


· .NET Framework 2.0

Freeware / FREE
201 KB / Windows All


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